Go Green

All of this fits into 2 standard green bags many times over
What can you do to be part of the solution?

Eco Conscious Consumer

  • Remember to BYOB and carry reusable bags with you.
  • Keep lots of reusable bags in your car.
  • Always carry a small reusable bag in your purse or pocket for quick purchases.
  • Remember it costs more to recycle a plastic bag than it does to make a new one ☺
  • Cloth bags are also more comfortable to carry if your walking home.

Green Business

  • Acknowledge customers who bring their own bags.
  • Create a ‘Recycle Program at your store for unwanted reusable bags, most are 100% recyclable or reusable.
  • Offer bonus store points on their card or small discounts for bringing their own bag.
  • Give your customer a free bag with purchases and use your reusable bags as a marketing tool.
  • Your customer will love it and so will the planet ☺