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    What are Zerowaste Products bags made from?

    Bags are made from several different fabrics

    Non-woven polypropylene (nwpp) is a strong, breathable, esthetically pleasing material that is soft to the touch and cost effective. Our nwpp material comes with environmental certification (upon request) stating lead, cadmium and mercury content virtually none and much lower than industry standards.
    Nwpp material has less an ecological and environmental impact (foot print) than single use plastic or paper one time use bags

    Woven Polypropylene (wpp) is strong, not breathable nor soft to the touch unlike nwpp

    How does your factory stand apart from other factories that make reusable bags?
    Our factory has taken responsibility for raising the bar in terms of the composition of raw materials to reduce factors which could infringe on our Environment.

    For example NWPP standard materials used by many in the marketplace have lead safety levels of 100mg/ g of material and our factory boasts 0.10 mg /g, in effect virtually creating an unleaded bag from non-woven polypropylene (NWPP).

    Uses tight quality control standards and environmental practices and applies North American human resource standards for their workers

    Fabric manufacturing is given ISO Certification, a prestigious commendation particularly as the facility is based in China. There are few competitors who can make this claim.

    Environmental ISO certification is available upon request.

    Established in 2003 after Ireland’s government imposed a plastic bag tax and our founder recognized this as an opportunity and is a market leader in the reusable bag industry.

    How does Zerowaste Products stand apart from other companies selling reusable bags?
    Zerowaste Products buys directly through factory country representatives ensuring accuracy and precision, together we have successfully fulfilled many custom factory orders for over 13 years

    Our focus is on supplying quality made reusable bags with environmental conscience

    How do I keep my reusable bag clean?
    The fabrics used to make our bags are fully washable and ready to use again after a couple of hours.
    Best to hand or gentle machine wash and hang to dry (do not use dryer)
    What does Zerowaste Products do for the community?

    Zerowaste Products provides discount packs to community organizations to assist in raising funds for local non-profit environmental groups and community based causes.

    Where are Zerowaste Products bags made?
    All Zerowaste Product bags are manufactured in two dedicated facilities in China and they exclusively produce reusable bags for distribution in over 20 countries around the world.