Our Story

We now know green house gases attributes to the increased number of extinct spies, climate change and the creation of bio-toxins that are affecting the quality of ALL LIFE. 

Zerowaste Products chooses to make a difference by distributing products that are recyclable and help promote recycle.

We have been in distribution and sales for over 20 years.  Utilizing our experience we began designing recycling bags with compartments and pockets for sorting and separating different materials creating a recycle center.  Custom designed bags, standard and compact shopping bags.

Zerowaste Products enjoys building quality relationships based on integrity, customer service and customer satisfaction and is proud to serve businesses, organizations and industries that share a vision of a more sustainable future.

Thank you in advance for considering us as your reliable supplier.


Zerowaste Products

Our Values

Our manufacturer will not compromise materials or cut corners to reduce costs and will be transparent about production and ingredients of materials used to make our product. 

We simply work to provide quality, eco-friendly reusable bags and our best customer service to
our customers.

Our Happy Customers

Monarch Hospitality Liquor Store

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Remax Realty – Louise Hendricks

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Park Gate Farm Markets

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RCBC – 2007 - 2009

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